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What does it do?

  • When you scroll a buy button becomes visible
  • Has a buy button so customers can quickly add your product to cart
  • Has a short description of the product.
  • Skip cart to go directly to checkout

Why optimize your store for mobile shopping?

Most of all internet traffic is now mobile and if you are not optimizing your site for mobile use, you are losing money! Using the button is a strategy that some of the best e-commerce retailers like amazon.com and alliexpress.com already using.

What is a product variant?

A product variant is an alternative option for a particular product. For example a T-shirt can be small, medium, or large. Red, yellow, white, or black. Each of the sizes and colors are different product variants.

I accidentally deleted the advanced settings and now nothing works

The defaults for the advanced settings are as follows:

Buy Button Selector

form[action^='/cart/add']:first [type=submit]:visible:first

Review Stars

.yotpo-stars:first, .spr-badge-starrating:first, .spr-starrating:first

Form Selector


Variant Selector

form[action^='/cart/add']:first select:visible, .radio-wrapper fieldset

What is the desktop/mobile reveal at?

The mobile/desktop reveal at is how far you need to scroll down for the better sticky button to become visible. It is defaulted at 100px. But if you want it to be always visible set it to 0. Or if you want it to be a bit further down, set it to a higher number like 150 or 200.

What are the ‘Currency Symbols”?

Currency symbols are how the numbers are formatted. Let’s imagine we were showing the number $2170.50.

Blank: The price won’t be displayed

Default:: 2,171.50

Amount no decimals: 2171

Amount with comma seperator: 2170,50

Amount No Decimals with comma separator: 2171

Amount with apostrophe separator: 2170’50

Amount no decimals with space separator: 2171

Amount: 2170.50

What if a product is sold out- how does your button change?

The better sticky button matches the text of the regular shopify add to cart button. So ff a product is sold out it looks exactly like it would on the regular shopify add to cart, button. The button will become disabled, and it will show the text “Sold Out” or whatever text is visible on your shopify button

Some of my variants are too large and are being cut off? How can I fix that?

If your variants are too large you have a couple of options to get the styling correct.

1. You can change the variant name length.

So for example change “This is very small” => “small”

  1. You can add some custom CSS.

You could try adding the following custom css to “Styling => Custom CSS”

	.fixedBuyBarVariants{padding-left: 0px; font-size: .8vw;}

This will make the text for your variants smaller.

What is the mobile/desktop z-index?

Imagine you had a stack of papers numbered 1-10. The page with #10 is at the top, and #1 is at the bottom of the stack. If you added a new page with #5, it would go in the middle of the stack. If you added one with a #11, it would go at the top of the stack. Or if you added one with #9999, it would go above everything.

Each element on a webpage has their own number or z-index, which says what overlaps what. So if you want to have the ‘Better Sticky Button’ be over everything else, update your z-index to a very high value like 99999.

How Can I preview the button animation? Why isn’t the animation preview doing anything?

To view the button animation, you need to click on the “Preview Animation” button in the animation settings. Note that when you click this button it will save the settings.

What is the difference between mobile and full for the “Mobile Design Templates”?

  • Mobile: Only have the buy button visible.
  • Full: Allows for additional options. ie. choose alternative product variants, product title, etc.

What does it mean to “Skip add to cart and go directly to checkout”

When you Skip the add to cart and go directly to checkout, your user will skip the add to cart step. When they go directly to the checkout, they will have one less click. This can increase conversions.

How does a “Better Sticky Button” increase mobile conversions?

This convenient placement puts the most important button in your store within thumb’s reach at all times no matter where a customer is on the page.

Aside from being easier to reach while holding a mobile device, Better Sticky Button presents an opportunity for a customer to checkout when THEY are ready to.

No more guessing where to place your button or worrying about long product descriptions that take customers away from your button!

Also we give the option to allow you to skip the add to cart page and go straight to checkout. This can help to reduce the complexity of the checkout experience. This gives the customer less time to think on whether or not they want to purchase the item. This can help to increase in an impulse buy.

Removing this 1 small step is removing one more obstacle for the consumer, which will help to make the checkout process more seamless, reduce abandoned carts, and ultimately help to increase your sales.

I found a bug? What should I do?

Email us at: support@doersoutdoors.com

Why Should I use it?

You want to make it as easy as possible for customers to make a sale The app will pay for itself during the trial

Decreases friction Your customers will love you Customers can make faster decisions


  • Reduced cart abandonment -Automatically matches your store theme and layout
  • Tons of awesome animations
  • Product review stars are shown in the bar
  • No setup required
  • Skip add to cart and go directly to checkout
  • Enable and disable on mobile and desktop
  • Change Buy Button text
  • Set bar position to the top, left, bottom, and right
  • Enable custom css
  • Show the quantity selected
  • Show product variants
  • Show compare at price
  • Facebook pixel integration
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Format the price
  • Enable custom styling
  • Change your currency symbol
  • Customize Colors
  • Transparency of bar
  • Fade in effects (ie how far down the page you want it to scroll in)

Works Straight out of the box:

  • Simply install and Use
  • No need to change or modify your theme
  • No need to add any coding (unless you want to)
  • No need to configure or setup
  • No need to pay for 3rd party installation support